Conference Registration


Regsitration Fee Information


A. For Presentation & Publication


Items Registration Fee (USD)
Regular Author 550
HKCBEES Member 520
Student 500
ICSEM Reviewer 500
Additional Paper(s) 380/ per paper
Additional Page 30/ per page
Extra Proceeding 50
One Day Visit 80


B. For Presentation only (Without Publication)


Items Registration Fee (USD)
Presentation Only 420
Extra Proceeding 50
One Day Visit 80


C. Listener


Items Registration Fee (USD)
Listener 300
Extra Proceeding 50
One Day Visit 80



Participants need to Know


A. About Registration


' Registration fee includes: Access to all sessions, conference materials, souvenirs, Lunch & Dinner & Coffee break on March 10, 2019.


' One regular registration can cover a paper within 8 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.


' One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one proceeding book.


' Each paid registration covers only one paper. You can pay Extra Paper Charges (380 US Dollars) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.


' For the authors who have difficulties to pay US Dollars, please pay Euros or Chinese Yuan.


' If you woud like to register the conference and publish your paper as the member, we sincerely welcome you join in the HKCBEES membership. Please visit the following website for more information. (


' If you would like to register the conference and publish your paper as the reviewer, please send your CV to for application. (Only Ph.D holder can apply)


' The registration documents (filled registration form, filled copyright, final paper both in doc.&pdf., payment proof) needs to be uploaded or sent to the conference mail box.


'  Listener registration (Click). An account is needed for online registration.


' Please feel free to ask for the invoice through email if you need it to apply for financial support from your affiliation/University.


' The original receipt will be given on the conference site, but the scanned receipt can be sent by email ahead if you ask.


B. About Participation


' For oral presentation participants, please prepare your presentation by PowerPoint or PDF files ahead. The ICSEM 2018 conference organizer will offer the conference laptop computer onsite for displaying it.


' For poster presentation participants, please prepare your home-made posters (Maximum poster size is A1 and the load capacity should be up to 0.5kg) ahead. The ICSEM 2018 conference organizer will offer the place to show them.


' Participants are responsible for their own hotel reservation.


' Listeners cannot do the presentation.


' Please wear formal clothes or national representative of clothing.


' The detailed conference schedule will be updated on the conference website 20 days before the conference.


Refund and Cancellation Policy


' In principle, refund is not allowed if in late stage. For some special circumstances. refund and cancellation can be accepted, but any refund and cancellation after registration for the ICSEM 2018, commission fee will be charged if it is not caused by the conference organization.


' We reserve the right to cancel any registration made by any person or body whom we reasonably believe to be associated with any act of plagiarism. The ICSEM reserves the right to refuse.


' Once a successful registration transaction has been completed, the registrant is required to send the registration docuements (filled registration form, copyright right with the hand-writing signature, final paper both in doc.&pdf., payment proof) to the conference email address. Confirmation of registration will be sent to the registrant right after the documents received. The invitation letter in soft-copy via email would be sent to the email address of the registrant if he/she requires.


Any further question, please feel free to consult the conference specialist by email: