Call for Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Carbonaceus Materials
Metallurgical Science
Wide Band Gap Materials
Metallurgical Fundamentals and Techniques
Nanomaterials and their Arrangements
Carbon Based Materials
Functional Materials (bio-fillic, bio-folic, optic)
Building Materials
Two Dimensional Materials
New Energy Materials
Plasma Assisted Processes
Environmental Friendly Materials
New Structures and New Applications
Earthquake Materials and Design
Non Ferrous Metal Material
Smart and Intelligent Materials
Iron and Steel
Intelligent Materials Systems
High Strength Alloys
Polymeric Materials
Materials Processing and Handling
Thin Films
Mechanical Behavior and Fracture
Micro/Nano Materials
Tool Testing and Evaluation of Materials
Processing Technology for Functional Materials
Optical, Electronic, Magnetic Materials
Function Test and Evaluation Technology for Material Analysis